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Hands up if you wanna celebrate...

For all the latest Beatle news, check Abbeyrd's Beatles News Page.

Your messages for Olivia and Dhani Harrison on George's 60th birthday were posted on 26 February.

UPDATE - 31 March 2003.

Today I received this letter from Harrisongs Ltd. As it's really to all those who signed the birthday card, it's only fair that I share it. I'll keep the pin though. :)

Have your say at the new Crackerbox Palace message board!

I've decided to turn Crackerbox Palace into a site about the fans of George Harrison, rather than the man himself. So, it'll be all full of your input, should you choose to submit anything. Maybe there'll be a section about different generations of George Harrison fans (for example, I wasn't born when the Beatles broke up, and it was my Dad that introduced me to them when I was a teenager). I hope I can get a section on concert reviews. Fan art. Album reviews. Memorabilia. Favourite songs. Lots of really cool stuff. And I plan to update Crackerbox Palace about once a week, so put your thinking caps on! :)

Scroll down and sign the Visitors' Book!

Think you're an artist?

Check out See Yourself, the new page of fan art. If you've got a George Harrison picture you've drawn, painted, manipulated, etc and want to see it online, I'll host it for you. Just send it as an attachment to me, along with a caption, and I'll put it up. Thanks to Aya for getting the ball rolling. :)

Email me to find out how you can help.
Meanwhile, feel free to browse the ever-present LINKS section.

Need inspiration? Check out Frank's review of George Harrison's Dark Horse concert from 20th December 1974.

Click here to visit the new Crackerbox Palace message board!

Call in soon! Let's rap and tap at Crackerbox Palace. I'll be expecting you!

David Hyland
1 May 2003

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