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6th December, 1996

Dear Mr Harrison,

My name is David Hyland. You donít know me, and thatís probably just as well. Iím 23 years old and studying Literature at Deakin University, and in my spare time Iím a rabid second-generation Beatle fan.

The reason Iím writing to you today is to tell you about a site I have started putting up on the Internet. See, the theme for my web-page is George Harrison, and everything on the page has something to do with you. Iíve named my page Crackerbox Palace- The Dark Horse Resource.

On my page, I intend to put reviews of your albums; a few pictures; a George with the Beatles section; Travelling Wilburys section; a Hand Made Films section; a quote-page, and a short biography (a very short biography, because youíre a very private man). So far, thereís not much to do in Crackerbox Palace, but Iím working on it. You can see it as it is at: ...

If you have any contributions youíd like to make, or suggestions for the page, Iím more than willing to listen. After all, it is your page!

Iíve started reviewing your albums, starting at Wonderwall. I have nothing but praise for them, of course. If youíre lucky, you may even get a few extra sales out of the recommendations on my page. Iíll be linking a few on-line record stores to the review page, so I imagine there will be a few impulse buyers purchasing your albums after reading my glowing reviews.

There is however, one sticky issue Iíd like to clear up straight away, and that is the COPYRIGHT issue. So far as these types of things go, Iím very naive. Iím sure you can understand my concern. If you feel Iím breaching copyright in any way, please let me know, and Iíll see what I can do about it. At the moment, Iím not sure about who Iím meant to get permission off, or how to go about it, so any advice you could offer me would be appreciated.

Thank you for reading this letter.

Wishing you and your family every success in the future,

David Hyland