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"Dear Lawyers"

Dear Lawyers...

~ Reactions to the closure of the old Crackerbox Palace ~

Jul 1, 1997
Shirley Gierbolini (
Comments: Well, if Mr. Harrison's lawyers see these postings, I hope they realize what a huge mistake they've made in shutt ing down Crackerbox Palace -- The Darkhorse Resource. I don't know how much of an involvement, if any at all, Mr. Harrison had in the final de cision to give lawyer's permission to ask Geocities to shutdown Crackerbox Palace, but I think its a shame, some may say, "why all the fuss about a George Harrison site being shutdown, its not the end of the world!?", in part it's true, its not the end of the world, I have many other things which give my life, my soul, a sense of fulfillment, but, music just happen s to be one of my outlets towards relaxing & being that Mr. Harrison is one of my all time favorite artists, his music does form a part of my u nwinding, especially at the end of the day from a stressful day at work. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that the Crackerbox Palace site was a celebration of the work/music of Mr. Harrison, there wasn't any of that rubbish about "who broke up the Beatle s?, who did what with whom?", that one sees on other sites, which doesn't interest me, really. I hope that if the lawyer's who shutdown the site or Mr. Harrison see these postings, they realize that we're all sincere in wanting the Crackerbox Palace site back, I can't see what it was that infringed on Mr. Harrison's "intellectual propert rights." I hope that what ever it was that caused the site to be shutdown, will be made clear soon. :o) Respectfully, Shirley Gierbolini "All You Need Is Love (Krishna)" Hari Bol

Jul 1, 1997
Jennifer Walker (Jae
Comments: Dear Sir or Madam, I would just like to convey my dissappointment in your disabiling the Crackerbox Palace w eb site. A reason for your despicable actions would serve to lessen the annoyance felt by all those involved. What did Mr. H do in plain english? All of us are not fluent in the politically correct technobabble, and do not understand why the site was disi mboweled. I realize my words are harsh, but they represent my feelings acurately. Please explain why you shut down the Crackerbox Palace. Sincerely, Jennifer Walker

Jul 1, 1997
Del Rivers
Comments: Why would someone want to shut down a place that gives the Artist free positive publicity. It's a sad day when you can't express that you enjoy the Artist's music with others t hat feel the same. I can understand if you're trying to cheat the Artist. But it's obvious that alot of care went into Crackerbox and the intentions were wholesome.

Jul 1, 1997
Myra Calori (
Comments: What's the prob? What did he do to upset you? Many people go to Crackerbox for enjoyment. Why shut it down? I love G eorge Harrison and I can't understand what happened to have you do this in his name. Please reconsider or give a reasonable explanation to the readers of his page. Thank you Myra Calori

Jul 1, 1997
Topher Ryan ( )
Comments: Crackerbox Palace was one of the best sites on the web. It was certainly among the finest of all Beatle or Sol o Beatle sites. (I hope I can say Beatle with out infringing on any rights) Anyway, Mr. H, has put a lot of time and energy (at his own expense)into making a haven for George and Beatle fans everywhere to learn, speculate and communicate with one another about a man who has perhaps touched, inspired and captured the hearts of us all. "Let It Be!" Toph

Jul 1, 1997
John W. Leys, J.S.P.S., F.L.S (
Comments: I just want to ask you and Mr. Harrison to rethink what you have done. Dave put a lot of hard work into Crackerbox Palace. He wasn't making a profit from it and he was extreamly careful not to include anything that might violate any copywrite laws (i.e. Lyrics, album covers, et cetera). Crackerbox Palace was a heartfelt tribute to one of the world's m ost loved musicians. I don't really understand what harm Dave's site did to George. In fact, if I were George Harrison I would be asking Dave to create my official web site for me (hint, hint!). Anyway, I Just wanted to add my name to the long long list o f people who were angered and confused by the removal of Crackerbox Palace.

Jul 1, 1997
Rea McNamara (
Comments: i may only be 14 years old, but i do know what you (the lawyers) are doing is wrong. Dave put a lot of work i nto that web site, and i tell you, i am building a web site of my own, and it is HARD. i admire people who have the time, patience and disicpline to do this. I have enjoyed visiting the crackerbox palace, mostly because the people that come, or the people that are GATHERED together from this web page, are so nice and have a wonderful attitude. it's not everyday you come together with people like that at other places. this web page is not ripping off george harrison's music, it is simply admiring it, and b elieve me, there are MANY beatle/george harrison fans out there. so please, reconsider what you are doing to this web page. No body is making any money out of it, even the people who come aren't making anything. But george harrison is making money off of this if you think about it. Many new fans come on here for suggestions of what albums to buy. many fans come for news about rumours about new albums. so please consider this point. LET IT BE.

Jul 1, 1997
Lindsey Lamb (
Comments: Thanks, thanks alot, i apreciate you shuting down the best site on the web! even though there was no need for it, b ut you seem to feel that there was, i am sorry you feel that way. This site did no harm to anybody, all it did was keep people informed on upcomeing events and rumors, i am sorry you had to go and shut it down, but oh well who am i? just a dark horse fan that is all. once again (a very sarcastic) thanks! Hare Krishna DeraDhun

Jul 1, 1997
Elementary Penguin ( from Pennsylvania, US
Comments: Well, I'd just like to thank you, dear lawyers. We were all getting a little scared when you stayed away from the places we love. But your most recent blow has knocked the sense back in us. Thank you ever so much! We were going on thinking that lawyers were sensble, reasonable, and justified in their actions and would neve r forcefully close down a site we all love, let alone a site that took hours of work to make and had nothing that incriminated Mr Harrison in any way whatsoever. If anything, you should be thanking Mr H (David, not George -- though it's OK to confuse them , it happens all the time....) for devoting all that time to creating a perfect shrine to a man loved and well respected all throughout the world. A man who changed your, yes your, life and the lives of everyone else in the world (yes, even the good peopl e). Last November, when lawyers of the same breed of yourselves closed down a wonderful John Lennon site, they were at least justified in some of what they said. Sam Choukri had a few original pieces of his artwork. But what exactly did David have that wa s so horrible? Was it that one picture that's just so rare? You know, the one that's the same as the picture I have sitting on my computer table. Or maybe it was that quote of his that he said to reporters with their tape-recorders running? Possibly the p art where David said George was a member of the Traveling Wilburys? That's incriminating news there.... Get a grip people. You don't make any money closing down this non-profit site (or do you, you greedy cows) so why don't you go sue your mother. OK, sor ry, I got a little carried away there...

Jul 1, 1997
Stan Yinger ( from Milan,Michigan U.S.A.
Comments: To Whom It May Concern: It is with GREAT displeasure that I see the Crack erbox Palace was closed down.Why this action was taken is beyond my imagination. Was this an action that Mr. George Harrison was aware of,or for thatmatter did he initiate it?I was not aware of anything that he may find offensive. From what I had read if I were in George's shoes I would have been pleased to see that some people found me interesting enough to still write about.Hopefully all this can be worked out and if George and you attorney's find it necessary to keep the Crackerbox Palace closed maybe George will set up a web-site as Paul has done for Flaming Pie to make sure it contains what he wants.Thank you for your time and Mr. H for this space to say these thoughts on the matter. Peace, Stan Yinger

Jul 2, 1997
Kirk ( from Ky
Comments: I don't get it. I mean, Crackerbox Palace could only help George. It told us all about what was coming, ( I.E. the 'My Sweet Lord/Give Me Love' single) it was publicity, and it was cool. It helped us learn more about a great guy. I mean, George doesn't get out much apparently and it's great learning about him and hearing about him. You took that away. Why?

Jul 3, 1997
Deanna aka Abbey ( from New York
Comments: I don't understand. I remember the old site very well. It had lots of news about Geo rge and helped me quite a bit (example the Wilbury reunion, My Sweet Lord/Give Me Love single). So how is that "infringing intellectual copyright"? By the way, what IS intellectual copyright? How can you infringe on something "coming from your mind"? If y ou don't want intellectual copyright then George should be a hermit, not having contact with the world, then his ideas would not be infringed! But obviously that's not happening. I don't understand what Mr H did wrong. His site ruled. It was the best know n George site out there! It helped George...telling the latest news and updates. I can't think of a single thing that it had that could harm George.

Jul 5, 1997
Beaucoups of Blues
Comments: Dear lawyers: You have made a grievous mistake. Crackerbox Palace was not profiting in the feduciary sense, so why was it shut down? The things gained here could not be measured by money alone. People came here to express their admiration for George's works. How can pure admiration and love infringe on someone's property? If anything, Mr. Harrison benefited from the site because it notified us of upcoming releases and where to buy them. Therefore, the only person making money on this venture was George (and the music companies). How can making money for George be considered harmful to his rights? This whole situation has been baffling. I just hope that this can be exp lained and no further action will be taken. The site was instumental in bringing people together from around the globe to praise George and his songs. If that can be considered detrimental, then the world is surely in a very bad state.

Jul 5, 1997
Rishikesh9 ( from Tennessee
Comments: As I understood it, Crackerbox Palace served two purposes: 1- To serve as a tribute to one of the greatest musicians ever. 2- To educate people about George Harrison and his work. The way I see it, the site benefited George much more than it could possibly have harmed him. I personally have bought 5 or 6 of George's albums simply because this w ebsite really got me interested in his music. I'm sure I'm not the only one who got interested in George because of the hard work Mr. H put into this sight. Shutting down Crackerbox Palace is a short sighted move which in the end can only harm Mr. Harriso n and his "estate"

Jul 5, 1997
Nick Gilliam (semolina pilchard) from Missouri,USA
Comments: What`s wrong with you lawyers??? Leave Crackerbox Palace alone! This is a fabulous website in tribute to Mr.Harrison not a site trying to make money off of him. Like David said,he put alot of hard work into this site;he did it cos he,like many others,myself included,love George Harrison and his work. Is that a crime??? Just chill out and leave Crackerbox alone. Thank you. Peace!

Jul 6, 1997
Anthony L. Dickerson ( from San Diego, CA, USA
Comments: As a loyal fan of George Harrison's for many years (from age 12 to almos t 37 now) I was excited at the prospect of sharing my love for George and his music on a website I discovered shortly after purchasing my computer over Memorial Day weekend. It was so nice to have the chance to share pleasant memories and thoughts of love and admiration for George and his music. Imagine our shock when you decided to take this place of tribute to Mr. Harrison from us-his loyal fans- with a vague, inarticulated defense of this site "infringing on Mr. Harrison's intellectual property rights" . Can you please elaborate on this? I hope you realize that this action makes us question George's respect for his fans. We, who have given our money, devotion, understanding, time, commitment and love to a man we admire so much. I have to believe that th is action was taken without George's consent. If indeed Mr. Harrison is responsible I would like a direct quote from him on this matter. I would feel shocked and betrayed, but at least we would have some clear explanation for this cold, insensitive act. T hough I think we all feel bewildered by the action you have taken I think I speak for all of us that we only hope George truly appreciates his fans and that we can resolve this with kindness and respect for one another. None of us receive any monetary gai n from this website and Mr. Harrison can only gain from its existence. Please do consider this in future.

Jul 6, 1997
Melissa Carroll (
Comments: Let's temporarily ignore the fact that CB was a site that demonstrated an enormous amount of effort on Dave's part and a sincere devotion to George Harrison. The even greater abomination is that lawyers and, as you would have us believe, the artists themselves, feel threatened by webpages which only serve to make information that is already available ev en more so. Dave was not making any monetary gains off his site. He wasn't taking credit for work that was not his, nor giving anyone else credit for such work. And he certainly was not being harmful to Mr. Harrison's best interests. It's time that people who are not familiar with the way the Internet works re-think their policies. Sincerely, Melissa Carroll

Jul 7, 1997
Sarah Jones ( from Arlington, TX, USA
Comments: Dear Mr. Harrison and Legal Team: While I understand the necessity for protecting one's r ights to one's intellectual property, and generally the need for one to have a sense of control over how one's name and image are presented in public, I hope you come to realize that David's "Crackerbox Palace" web site posed no threat on either count. It served to inform and educate both old and new fans to Mr. Harrison's music, to no financial benefit to David. In addition, the web site seemed to capture very accurately the public persona that Mr. Harrison has presented to us over the past decades. Whil e a persona may be only a narrow slice of one's reality, or just a shadow of it, when the persona comes to represent optimism, creativity, perseverance, and positive spirituality, there is value to our world beyond the ownership to the rights of display o f that persona. If even just a few people, young or old, become inspired by hope and optimism as the result of being able to learn something of that persona through David's "Crackerbox Palace", surely you would agree that it is worthwhile.

Jul 7, 1997
Mary Kate Feeney ( from Framingham, MA USA
Comments: To Mr. George Harrison's Lawyers: I do not understand why you closed Crackerbox Palace! It was a place for all George and Beatle fans to gather together. It was a place to find out what was going on with George. A place were we could read and discuss George's music and career as a Beatle and solo. Please let Mr. H bring back Crackerbox Palace, he ment no harm.

Jul 8, 1997
Gladys Blezio ( from Miami, Florida, USA
Comments: Comments: Gentlemen: I wonder what kind of harm were we doing to Mr. Harrison with the Crackerbox Palace Web site. It is obvious that you are not Mr. Harrison's fans. We were just a group of people who like to get together to enjoy Mr. Harrison's music and, since we live all around the world, in different cities, diferent countries, even different continents, we can't go to each other houses, so we talked throu the Crackerbox Palace Web site. Wouldn't be polite from you to just let us know what were we doing wrong, so we don't do it again? Far away from our hearts is any intentions to cause any harm, in any way, to Mr. Harrison. Looking forward for your kind response.

Jul 9, 1997
Comments: Well, I have to say I am Deep Blue at the news of the closure of Crackerbox Palace. Please, if at all possible, explain how Mr Harrison's copyright was infringed so that the offending section may be removed & the site allowed to continue - it's nice to have a site for fans to "meet" over the Net & no-one intended to cause any offense in any way. Peace & love, Clare

Jul 10, 1997
Karen Baker from USA
Comments: To Mr. Harrison's lawyers: You have closed down a beautiful site that was a labor of love by a loving fan. Other fans of George could come to find information and share our positive feelings about George. We do not understand how it infringed on anyone's property rights. It was not for any financial reward. In fact, I'm sure it cost Mr. H both his own money and time. Please reconsider this action. I hope George realizes that in no way did this site harm him. In fact, it probably helped advertise the wonderful music that is available by this great artist. Instead you've given me a Wah-Wah. Ask George,if you don't know what it means.

Jul 10, 1997
Carol D. (
Comments: I was shocked and saddened to receive the news that Crackerbox Palace had been shut down. I am only now able to respond to this revolting development because of computer problems; however, I assure you the news distressed me as much as anyone. I've been an admirer or Mr. Harrison for as long as I can remember (as a tot I would study my older sister's Beatles albums and even then felt a connection to George). George has to know the magnitude of his influence on millions of fans and their lives. If he had any part of this decision, to obliterate this loving tribute and meeting place for peaceful, thoughtful gathering, then I am numb. I will await judgment until I know more; please be forthcoming with understandable explanations SOON. The silence is all the more insult to a dear group of sincere people.

Jul 10, 1997
Juan Luis Perelló from Santiago, Chile
Comments: Isn't it a pity? how you shut down a tribute to George Harrison's talent, without thinking anymore? I really can't understand it, but I'm sure that George doesn't know a word of it, because he has been trough that kind of problems, and so that he knows how unfair they can be. besides, nobody is earning or losing money, so, what is the problem?. no se que más decir. adios.

Jul 16, 1997
June Davies from Oregon USA
Comments: Sorry this long, please read it anyway. I am sad for David for losing his site, I am sad for George for not even knowing what a wonderful supporter he (still) has in David and the fans who care about him and appreciate his music. I am disgusted at the lawyers for being typical lawyers-has none of George's spirituality rubbed off on you people? David made no money on the site, if George were to hire someone to create a site, it would have cost many thousands of dollars. On a practical business level, you have screwed George out of a lot of great free advertisment! On a human level, you have hurt a lot of people. As far as intellectual infringment goes, if you would put David and George's astrology charts together as I have done, you will see that on a soul level they are incredibly similar, nearly the same in the majority of the chart. David can't help it if he thinks like George! He is not thinking George's thoughts, they are both expressing from the same soul level. I know George has been burned before and needs lawyer-types to watch out for his best interests. In this case, a mistake has been made and I hope you will reconsider. The smartest thing you could do would be to offer an apology and then hire David to run a site for George! Thanks.

Jul 19, 1997
mark from lumby b.c. canada
Comments: It is truly a shame that "Crackerbox Palace" creator David Hyland has had to undergo such a rude hassle to keep genuine fans updated on George Harrison.I enjoyed his web page thouroghly and i beleive he at least deserves some kind of explanation.Thanks Dave.