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Thank You George


Debbie Neil (SoftTouch) (


Alone at night I hear your words, they ring truth in my heart. No other writer could have stirred what you have from the start. Your songs reach oh so deep in me I can't begin to tell... How thankful that I am for you; you speak my heart so well. The Quiet One they say you are but some know it's not true. You're filled with Love, a gentle heart, and sharing's what you do. So many people look right past, don't take the time to see... The beauty that surrounds you George, but it's not lost on me. Your love belongs to those who see. I've known this all along. You've shared your life, your soul it seems... a soul that is so strong. No matter what the pain life gave, you've found your way right through. I find myself in awe of this, there's so much more to you. If only folks would take the time to ponder what you've said; the world could be a better place... the starving might be fed. For those with ears don't listen well. Their eyes too blind to see. The words you sing are truth so clear... makes perfect sense to me. And so I thank you most sincere for sharing all you are. And though I never met you, George, I feel you're never far.