That's right folks. No need to worry. I'm not dead (if I was, I probably wouldn't be writing this). However, I have suddenly lost my internet access, and in this big brave world of interconnectivity, that's the next worst thing to dropping dead.

From time to time, I might be able to log in from somebody else's computer and put up messages (like this, but most likely more cheerful), but I don't expect I'll be able to establish another full-time connection until March or April. What this means for you is that the Dark Horse Bulletin will temporarily be on hold. I'll try to keep you all posted through Crackerbox Palace on my current internet status. For news on George Harrison, I recommend you visit Abbey Rd's Beatles Page regularly.

Thanks for bearing with me through this.
-David Hyland (aka Mr H)
24th January, 1998.

Well, it's May now, and I still don't have my own connection... I hope to be up and running by the end of the year, but whether it happens or not is yet to be seen. As soon as I'm back on line, I'll be making some major renovations at Crackerbox Palace, so you won't help noticing I'm back. Until then, hang in there!


8 May, 1998

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