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The Dark Horse Resource

~The Dark Horse Resource~


The times, they are a-changin'

Watch this space... I'll be back soon. I'm open to your suggestions, so email me at my new address,

By the way, happy 56th, George!

Crackerbox Palace is a non-profit website designed to increase awareness of George Harrison and his music. All articles have been written by David Hyland unless otherwise stated.

OK, now I'm done with formalities, I'd like to welcome you to Crackerbox Palace.

For those of you who are familiar with the works of George Harrison, I have a news and information service available called The Devil's Radio. It was last updated on Friday, 29th August 1997. There's a few interesting recording rumours in there, and I'd be delighted if these were all true. You may also like to chat with like-minded Harrison fans at the Crackerbox Palace Chat-Room.

For those who don't know much about George Harrison and want to know more about the "Quiet Beatle", I have a brief history of his work with The Beatles, and am in the process of writing some reviews of his solo albums. If you're looking for a good George Harrison album to start your collection, I'd recommend either The Best Of George Harrison, which covers his career from the Beatle days to 1974; or The Best Of Dark Horse, which will take you through to 1989. My favourite non-compilation album is 1970's triple lp, All Things Must Pass. You may also like to drop into the chat to talk with others about George Harrison. You'll be right at home. :)

My George Harrison tribute show. Don't touch your mouse!
My tribute to George Harrison's lawyers. Don't touch your mouse!
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The latest rumours on George's latest projects.
The famous list of links is back!!
The good old Crackerbox Palace chat is still alive and well!
George Harrison's career with the Beatles (up to 1965... 1966 onwards coming soon!)
George Harrison's 1974 Dark Horse Tour
The George Harrison Bulletin Board NEW!
Zipped archive of the Dark Horse Bulletin back-issues


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Last updated on Friday, 26th February, 1999