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David Hyland
Hi, I'm the editor of The Dark Horse Bulletin. I live in Australia and study Literature and 20th Century History at Deakin University.
I first discovered the Beatles for myself back in 1990, when Dad introduced me to Abbey Road and Rubber Soul. Naturally, after hearing these two albums, my obsession soon followed. Now I've got a great big wonderful record collection. :)
If you were to ask me who my favourite Beatle is, I'd say George. But it takes 4 Beatles to make a Beatles album. I think what draws me to George (apart from the damn good music!) is the fact that he's quite under-rated. People tend to think of the Beatles as "John, Paul, Ringo and the other one"... If you take some time out to get to know "the other one", you can't help but like him.

Hi hi. I'm jenne, and I've been receiving the Dark Horse Bulletin since Vol. 1...and haven't contributed a word. It's the only place I can go and relax and read and not have to write anything! You see, I'm in graduate school here in Los Angeles working on the professional writers' I spend most of my time writing. The Bulletin is my only relief, especially as it reaches me every Monday after a solid weekend of slaving over my keyboard.
~Katka - Jenne's cat.

Greetings All~
My name is Tangirene. I have really been pouring over the opinions, the insights, and the criticisms (and 'news') of my favorite Beatle, George Harrison!!! He epitomizes the selfless love of the peacedove, and the sparkling reflections of the calm lake~ Ah!
It was wonderful being in the sixties' generation, having those albums hot off the press, and to turn eighteen when My Sweet Lord came out, for I was then at an age when life required meaningful commitments to aspire to, regardless of how 'impossible' the Dream~ I have had a deep desire to befriend him in the future ever since I realized his devotion to God. For it is my personal dedication to his ideals that motivates me to want to include his boundless energy and uplifting nature in my own attempts to effect positive changes worldwide, as I hope to procure more peaceful relations to emanate from the hearts of mankind.

Shawn B Ryan
I'm Shawn B Ryan, for your concern the B stands for Beatlnik, my nickname on IRC and a general term for my obsession. I play bass and love to play along with Beatle albums, I own nearly everything by Hari-son. I go to school in Northern Arizona Univeristy. Go to my web page for more...

Patricia McCoy (aka "Bones")
"I often wonder if George ever has the opportunity to check out the mailing/discussion lists occasionally. (I have a feeling that the people at Paramount often check out the Star Trek discussion lists from time to time. I'm also a Trekkie, can't you tell?) It would be neat if he did peruse our discussion list from time to time. I wish we could chat with him occasionally via the Internet." Patricia's HomePage.

Brad Rushing
Brad Rushing was born in Houston, Texas in 1964 - an ideal setting, geographically and chronologically, for someone possessing a lifelong affinity for space exploration. In 1980 he attended the High School For Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, TX. Studying there as a fine art major Brad became completely enamored with the prospect of adding the fourth dimension of time and movement to his work. Out of college Brad's first film was a no-budgetter where he quickly moved from PA to Sound Mixer to Grip to AC to additional camera operator. It became clear that what he really wanted to do was direct ... the photography! Brad is a conscientious artist, with a deep appreciation for the powerful influence and responsibility that being a film maker carries with it. He manifests his commitment to the happiness, well-being and education of his audiences and communities in his ongoing interest in quality, intelligent storytelling.
That is my "official" bio. And by the way I am a HUGE George Harrison fan.
Here is a link to my filmography for the REALLY curious: Filmography for Brad Rushing

Robert Grimes, AKA "Dr Robert"
I am as huge a fan as they come, and devote much of my day considering all of The Beatles' work and how I too can share their love in my corner of the world!
I teach English and in our school I have a running E-mail called "Billy Bob Bubba's Beatles' Bit of the Day" where I share unreleased material and pictures using PowerPoint presentations.
You asked that we send pictures, and here I am, "Billy Bob Bubba - Buddha's Best Buddy"!

Adam Harding
My name is Adam Harding. My friends call me names but you can call me Adam. i have been subcribed to the Dark Horse Bulletin since the prestigious first edition but have contributed absolutely nothing.